"...CVS is where
the future global leaders are made..."

Tatsuo Hagiwara,
founder of CVS Leadership Institute





CVS Leadership Institute
provides a leadership seminar during spring and summer every year.

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Japanese NEW YEAR!


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CVS Leadership institute

CVS Leadership Institute, founded in 2004, offers intensive English and Business Seminar in Los Angeles, California and Mexico City, Mexico.  We provide intensive International Business skill training program on top of English communication courses.  Participants compete to be the best leader in the group, and winner(s) receive awards and scholarships.

The main instructor is a former Deloitte Consulting Senior Manager, and have over 20 years of business experience in the U.S.  We have instructors from Hollywood movie studio and known venture fund managers.  The top graduates are eligible to apply for the scholarship to study in the US (UCLA) as well as participating in our business ventures.

We are currently recruiting 27th and 28th CVS Leadership program participants (will be held this summer and next spring).  Most participants are top college students from Japan.  However, we welcome people from all over the world.  On top of business school style intensive business training and immersion English program, you will enjoy travel to national parks, theme parks, sports events, and home-stay at nice American family.  Moreover, CVS is known to establish a tightly-knit community and many graduates founded success business in Japan,China, and the US with fellow participants.  

Please apply to this program and be a part of CVS Alumni members!   This experience will be the beginning of your successful business career in the world!

CVS Seminar

A 2 month program held in LA to train and build-up Business management and English skill.

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Visit Japan

A program to learn Japanese language, history and culture with sightseeing tours to famous places in Japan.

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Host Families in LA 

We are looking for host families who can host Japanese College students during August.

Days: Feburary (details will be updated)
Requirements: Room/Bed, Breakfast and Lunch
Preferred Location: Near Pasadena Area

For more information, please visit the Homstay Page or email to cvsli.staff@gmail.com