"...CVS is where
the future global leaders are made..."

Tatsuo Hagiwara,
founder of CVS Leadership Institute





CVS Leadership Institute
provides a leadership seminar during spring and summer every year.

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About Us

CVS Leadership Institute is a non profit educational organization registered in California, US.      

CVS stands for “Charachter”, “Vision” and “Skills”


Our Mission

Our primary mission is to provide leadership in business training seminars targeted to top rated japanese students who aim to become global business leaders.


Owr students

Our students are recruited from all over Japan and we welcome students from abroad.
In order to be selected as a participant in this semminar, students are required to pass around ten “missions” consisting of various essay questions and business cases.

Approximately one of every five will make it to the final round and 20 to 30 students will be admitted to study at Los Angeles, California.


Teaching methods

The group of students will be divided into teams that are structured as their own corporation. Each team will compete to become CVS champion.

Our method of teaching is to “Learn from experience”. The theories thaught in class will be matherialized through participating to the “mission” where they will out source what they’ve learned.


Mexico Business Contest

One of our final missions takes place in Mexico City, students from all over Mexico and top rated univiersities in Japan will have a joint business contest twice a year. Students from both schools will form teams to create cross-cultural communication and face the difficulty of work in an international team.

Each team will find one good/service from Japan or Mexico which may have market potential in the other country. They will work together on the  marketing research and business plan to present  it in front of judges who will decide the winner, and the winner team will get the chance to turn the project into real business through the company founded in Mexico.