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Tatsuo Hagiwara,
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CVS Leadership Institute
provides a leadership seminar during spring and summer every year.

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Classes and Training


The best way to learn foreign language is “immersion”.  While you will be immersed in Japan, we will help you learn Japanese and Japanese cultures.  We will provide following lessons.  You will have opportunities to use these skills and knowledge during your trip! 

List of Classes

i.     Japanese

Being in the country is the best way to learn language.  We will not only provide classes, but also EXPECT YOU TO SPEAK JAPANEASE.  Immersing in the culture is the best way to learn language.  Please try to spend time with Japanese people rather than within your own people.  This is a good opportunity for you.

ii.     Japanese Culture, Society, and Politics

We will visit families, schools, universities, shops, companies and temples.  It is better to understand cultural aspects of Japan while you experience them.  That is the most important “overseas’ experience” for you.  We will provide formal class before your visit.  We will also test your understanding so that you keep attention to the learning.

iii.     Japanese History

Without knowing history, most Japanese sight-seeing area is just old buildings.  It is important for you to know and recognize historical significance of each places.  Knowing history will enrich your experience of being in Japan.  We will provide general history classes before visiting each site.  So that your will have a better understanding of Japanese culture.

iv.     Japanese Economy, Industry

The second largest economy in the world.  You have a lot to learn about Japan and Japanese business.  Tatsuo Hagiwara, the instructor, has worked in automotive industry for over 14 years.  He will provide education about Toyota Production System (TPS) and general Japanese style management.  This will help you when you get a job in the future.