"...CVS is where
the future global leaders are made..."

Tatsuo Hagiwara,
founder of CVS Leadership Institute





CVS Leadership Institute
provides a leadership seminar during spring and summer every year.

CVS Seminar Japanese Web page

Contact Us

CVS Leadership Institute is a legally registered non-profit organization in Los Angeles, California, USA. Since this project is aimed to Mexico, we let you contact us either to Los Angeles headquarter or to our Mexican partner CVS Internship whose headquarter is located in Mexico City.


CVS Leadersship Institute (USA)  
  • Name: Tatsuo Hagiwara
    • Role: CVS Leadership Foundator.
    • Contact: hagiwaratatsuo@gmail.com
    • Phone number: (00 1 310) 383 0147 [As dialed from Mexico] 

CVS Internship (Mexico)
    • Name: Angélica Reyes
      • Role: CVS Internship Co-Fundator
      • Contact: ludmilang@icloud.com
      • Phone number: (55) 2095 9125     
    • Name: Zaira Flores
      • Role: CVS Internship Co-Fundator and Ex Visit Japan Participant
      • Contact: floresjzaira@gmail.com
      • Phone number: (55) 4044 5791 
    • Name: Rodrigo C. Curiel
      • Role: CVS Leadership and CVS Internship Collaborator. Web Page Manager. Ex visit Japan Participant.
      • Contact: cerecerorodrigo@gmail.com
      • Phone number: (55) 6792 1214

    Email to CVS admin

    ?To apply for CVS Seminar or Visit Japan Program