"...CVS is where
the future global leaders are made..."

Tatsuo Hagiwara,
founder of CVS Leadership Institute





CVS Leadership Institute
provides a leadership seminar during spring and summer every year.

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Founder / Instructor

After working as a manager of an international division in automotive industry, he studied in UCLA Anderson School with a scholarship. He graduated first on the list and acquired MBA.

Then, he worked in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, an American Consulting Company for 14 years, and have established Management Consulting Division for Japanese multinational companies. With his main cliant of automobile and high-tech industries, he consulted for the issues of global management. He has introduced the ERP system, launched the e-business, managed the manufacture system, and supported to branch out to overseas.

He also holds an additional post both in Japan and the US as an instuctor of seminar for oversea workers and management of US subsidiary companies. He has been taken up to several newspapers and magazines. He has worked in Deloitte for 14 years and now he has started an independent consulting business and also attends to Fuller Theological Seminary to become a preist. He also devotes himself to this CVS program as an instructor.