"...CVS is where
the future global leaders are made..."

Tatsuo Hagiwara,
founder of CVS Leadership Institute





CVS Leadership Institute
provides a leadership seminar during spring and summer every year.

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Scholarships and Special Discounts

 This tour is already deeply discounted due to our subsidy.  
However, CVS will offer additional scholarships and discounts for those who are very special for us.


Visit Japan Scholarships:
CVS Scholarship

How to Apply Scholarship

TEC de Monterrey Scholarship

Past and current student who participated in International business contest (or those who received recommendation from Professor Claudia Morales can apply).

Please send the following information to the email

1. Your Name and your major of study (if you are a student)
2. Reason for Applying the Scholarship
3. Your Career Objective
4. Sample Mexican Products you would like to bring to Japan for the business contest and reason (Scholarship winners will introduce Mexico and Mexican products at business contest on June in Tokyo and July in Osaka)

Open Scholarship:
Write an essay with your photo (3~4 pages) 

Deadline: April 2nd, 2017

You will receive 1 Free Visit Japan Tour



•Candidate Fit (20%) - Please write about why you want to come to Japan)
•Knowledge of CVS / the business contest and your contribution to the business contest.  (20%) Please write about what you think of CVS and the way you involved with CVS.
•Promotional Elements (20%)  Please write about how you promote this Visit Japan program to others!  We want to make it to a larger seminar/tour.
•Overall and Friendship (20%) Please write how you extend your friendship to CVS students.

Email to CVS Staff (cvsli.staff@gmail.com)

Result : We will announce the result by the end of April

Just send an email to cvsli.staff@gmail.com

The staff membebr of CVS will provide more details via email.


Deadline: April 2nd 2017

v  Send application and questions to: cvsli.staff@gmail.com