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Visit Japan Program




Travelling the world and seeing things will inspire you and the experience might change your life.  CVS is giving you such an opportunity. 

CVS Leadership Institute provides 1 to 3 Visit Japan Scholarships every program to any student who shows big interest and offers help to CVS, you will find information on how to apply below.

CVS Visit Japan tour is not only a sight-seeing trip.  It is a “study”, “friendship”, and “immersion” that will become a life-changing event for you.

Our next Visit Japan schedule will be updated soon 


Our course is open for ANYONE who is interested on visiting Japan and living this amazing experience.


You will receive

SECURITY&SUPPORT: CVS will provide on-site Japanese representative to support you to be safe and comfortable.  They will travel with you and meeting with your needs.  They can be your teacher, and on-site concierge.

STUDY&GUIDANCE: We will provide class-room study about history of Japan that might be helpful to understand and appreciate things you see during the sight-seeing.  Furthermore, the best way to learn language is to be immersed in the environment.  During this trip, we will help you to learn Japanese through language classes and daily practices.


VOLUNTEERS&FRIENDS: CVS has over 800 graduates; they will come and welcome you.  You will get to meet so many “AMIGOS” during this trip (PRICELESS EXPERIENCE!).  CVS will facilitate and assist so that you will have occasions to meet with young people and making friends.  They will volunteer to accompany with you for sight-seeing and help you to do things based on your interests. You will have opportunities to make friends with college students and young professionals through this trip.

Promise of GREAT EXPERIENCE for your Investment! : The cheapest trip for this kind is offered as $1999 for only 7 days!  We provide most meals, accommodation, sightseeing, classes for very reasonable rate because CVS subsidize this trip.  This will be the best trip to Japan that you can think of.    


 Price of the trip

(Accommodation, 2 meals / day, transportation fees (excluding airfare to Japan), tuition for classes, sightseeing entrance fees for all the scheduled sightseeing places in Kyoto, Mt. Fuji, Tokyo, Aizu, and Nasu)

Where will you go? 

Recent Program Schedule

v Shirakawa  

  • Sightseeing & Shopping
  • Nasu Mountain (National Park)

v  Kitakata & Aizu Region 

  • Tsuruga Castle (Edo loyalist)
  • Famous for Ramen 

v  Kyoto 

  • Kinkakuji-temple
  • Kiyomizu temple
  • Fushimi Inari

v  Mt. Fuji 

  • World Heritage
  • Japan's hightest and most precious mountain

v  Tokyo 

  • Asakusa
  • Akihabara (Maid-Cafe)
  • Tokyo National Museum
  • Harajuku (Kawaii-culture)

v  Hikone Castle

  • One of the original Castles in Japan
  • Lake Biwa

v  CVS Events (Nasu Mountain Camp)

One of the benefits of coming to Japan with CVS is to meet college students in Japan.  You will have a number of opportunities to meet and make friends with Japanese college students.

CVS will have annual meeting on July 2nd and 3rd.  You will get to know CVS better, and enjoy Onsen (Hot Spring Spa) with CVS students.  You will also have chance to win different prize!

v  School Visit

Some university invited us to talk to the students.  We will talk about international business and ability to work with people from different background.  On June 26th, we will visit Saitama University and the participants can participate in discussion with students.  

v  CVS Business Contests

We will have CVS business contest in Kyoto (June 26th).  Americans, you will serve as a judge of the event.  Mexicans, you will bring some Mexican items and work with Japanese college students to make plans to market them in Japan.  Winner will receive some award.

You will make a lot of friends through working with them.


See more information on "Scholarships" page

  Deadline: April 2nd, 2017

v  Send application and questions to: cvsli.staff@gmail.com